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Halloween Sale - use code SPOOKY10 for extra 10% OFF - Look the best! Play with the best!
Halloween Sale - use code SPOOKY10 for extra 10% OFF - Look the best! Play with the best!

Xbox Elite Series 1 Controller - Hex Edition

Original price £199.99
Original price £199.99 - Original price £199.99
Original price £199.99
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Current price £119.99
  • Xbox Elite Series 1 Controller - Hex Edition

    Piece together the ultimate controller experience with the Hex Edition Custom Xbox Elite Controller. 

    Introducing the Hex Edition Custom Elite Controller, one of our exclusive custom Xbox One Elite controllers featuring a luxurious design that makes this top tier controller an excellent option for any gamer. Featuring a white and gold design that has small hexagons combining and scattering across the controller, making an Xbox Elite custom controller with the best features combined with the very best design. 

    This controller is designed to be the best so that any player can gain a complete advantage in any gaming situation. Whether you are playing online and getting competitive or just enjoying a casual activity, this Xbox Elite controller will provide the very best gameplay and controls. Giving you the best features around so that when you come face to face with your opponent, you will be the one who comes out on top. And some of the features include: 

    • Countless ways to customize your controls through the elite app will allow you to change different controls, such as trigger values, different button assignments, the sensitivity of thumbsticks and many more changeable customisations for you to discover.  
    • Hair triggers can be activated by using a switch on the controller, giving you the ability to fire faster.  
    • Slots on the back of the controller that can hold changeable paddles, that can be used for movement and different controls. These paddles can be attached or moved at any time without any tools. A variety of different thumbsticks and D-pads are included that are easy to change for personal preference.  
    • An improved and enhanced grip, reinforced rubber rings around each thumbstick to improve durability and lower friction. 

    Every gamer should be able to enjoy all of their favourite games without having to worry about their controller acting up. In the creation of our custom Xbox Elite V1 controllers, we only use genuine brand-new Xbox Elite controllers so that you will get the features and quality that you would expect from any official Xbox Elite controller. Meaning that you will get the best controller around without having to worry about any performance features.  

    And now, thanks to the Xbox Elite controller’s wide compatibility with Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Windows 7/8.1/10, you can enjoy this controller and its design on your preferred platform. Take elite features and controls into your favourite Xbox games, enjoy the very best performance with an amazing feel on the Xbox Series X or even use spectacular features to your advantage on Windows PC. 

    Loving this design? We also have this design available on Xbox One for those who love this design but don’t want an elite controller right now. 

    Want something even better? Then the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller offers the very best controls and features. The Series 2 elite controller is second to none and is made even better thanks to our wonderful designs and colours. Our Custom Elite Series 2 Controllers offer the ultimate performance perfected with a design of your choice. 

    PlayStation users can now also explore our range of PS5 custom controllers just in time for the next generation of gaming! We have a ton of awesome designs that are simply amazing to play with. And for those who are still on PlayStation 4, our custom PS4 controllers are absolutely brilliant for all players.  

  • Build and Shipping

    Here at Custom Controllers, we offer the quickest build and delivery for all of our controllers.

    Whether you are buying a pre-designed Custom Controller or Creating Your Own, we can guarantee that 99% of the time you will receive your controller within 5 days.

    If you place your order with us before 1 PM (UK), your controller will be produced that same day. Once complete and passed Quality Control, we will then dispatch the next day. Meaning that your desired controller gets to you as soon as possible.

    We offer the fastest delivery compared to all of our competitors, Delivering your dream controller to you quickly and safely.

    We offer FREE delivery as standard, if you are in a hurry we do offer a premium service at an extra cost. For more information please click here

  • Compatibility

    This Xbox Elite Series 1 Custom Controller will be FULLY compatible with the new Xbox One Series S and X.

    Compatible with PC, Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X.

  • Quality Checks

    Custom Controllers UK 20 point check test on all custom controllers assure you that you will receive the absolute best quality.


    All of our Custom Controllers arrive with a full 12 Months Warranty for no extra charge.


    All of our products come with a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee, this means for whatever reason if you are unhappy with your purchase or you want to return your item for a full refund then you have 14 days to do so.

    For more information on our returns and warranty please click here