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FAST and FREE Delivery l 12 Months Warranty l Rated Excellent l Look the best, Play with the best!
FAST and FREE Delivery l 12 Months Warranty l Rated Excellent l Look the best, Play with the best!

PlayStation 5 DualSense PS5 Custom Controller - Card Edition

Original price £149.99 - Original price £149.99
Original price £149.99
£149.99 - £149.99
Current price £149.99
  • PlayStation 5 DualSense Custom Controller - Card Edition

    Get your ace in the hole with the Card Edition PS5 Custom Controller.

    With one last trick up your sleeve, you can take over your whole game. With the Card Edition Custom PS5 Controller, you can play your game with a super crazy design that is themed around the Joker and his calling card. Made with a fine purple base design with a series of Jokers in a faint white colour, and a large Joker figure and card taking over the right of the side. So for all of the players who are looking for an epic and new controller for the next generation of gaming, you can find it right now with the design that you love the most. 

    With all of our custom PlayStation 5 controllers or any controller within our collections, it is important that you can play all of your favourite games with a flawless level of control and performance. And we want to make sure that you get that high level of gameplay. And that is why we only use completely genuine and brand-new PS5 controllers in the creation of our custom PlayStation controllers. Not only does this ensure that you get the incredibly high level of quality that you are looking for with our controllers, but it also guarantees that you get all of the features that you would get with any official PS5 controller. And those features include the following: 

    • Haptic feedback   
    • Adaptive triggers   
    • Built-in microphone and headset jack   
    • Signature comfort   
    • Integrated speaker   
    • Motion sensors 

    With thanks to features like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, you will feel why this controller is so perfect for next-generation from the moment you use it. As you play, you will feel these features kick in and make your gameplay and controls feel truly bold. When you enter a new environment, fire weapons, fight a tough boss and so much more, you will feel the vibrations constantly alter to match the intensity and feel of what you are experiencing. And the same goes for adaptive triggers. Whenever you switch between weapons the triggers will adapt to what you are using. Like when you are pulling the string of a bow, you will feel the triggers become more resistant as you draw and then release when you fire.

    And this is not our only Joker design available! For those Joker fans who would prefer a more gore-filled design, then our Joker Edition for PS5 is simply brilliant. Made with a white and bloody design, with the words "HA HA" scribbled across it and a large Joker face present on the front design. Making for an ultimate feel of chaos. Or if you prefer playing on Xbox, then we have multiple more options. Like the HAHA edition for Xbox Series X, the same design as our Joker PS5 controller. Or even the Joker Edition Custom Xbox Series X controller. A chequered and bloody Joker design that brings a deadly look to the Xbox Series X controller. 

    Everyone wants a controller to serve them well for the long term, so why not make your own PS5 controller, or any controller for that matter, and get the controller that is truly yours. With our Create Your Own Controller builders you will get access to everything you need to create the perfect controller. Once you have selected your desired controller, you can then utilise our great series of colourful designs and parts and combine them to craft a truly astonishing controller. But every controller needs its personal touch, and that is where our personalisation options come in handy. You now have the option to engrave your name onto the controller or add a modification to give you the advantage in-game. Your controller, your choice.

    • Build and Shipping

      Here at Custom Controllers, we offer the quickest build and delivery for all of our controllers.

      Whether you are buying a pre-designed Custom Controller or Creating Your Own, we can guarantee that 99% of the time you will receive your controller within 5 days.

      If you place your order with us before 1 PM (UK), your controller will be produced that same day. Once complete and passed Quality Control, we will then dispatch the next day. Meaning that your desired controller gets to you as soon as possible.

      We offer the fastest delivery compared to all of our competitors, Delivering your dream controller to you quickly and safely.

      We offer FREE delivery as standard, if you are in a hurry we do offer a premium service at an extra cost. For more information please click here

    • Compatibility

      This PS5 Custom Controller will be FULLY compatible with the new PlayStation 5 Console.

      Compatible with PS5.

    • Quality Checks

      Custom Controllers UK 20 point check test on all custom controllers assure you that you will receive the absolute best quality.


      All of our Custom Controllers arrive with a full 12 Months Warranty for no extra charge.


      All of our products come with a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee, this means for whatever reason if you are unhappy with your purchase or you want to return your item for a full refund then you have 14 days to do so.

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