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PlayStation 5 DualSense PS5 Custom Controller - Blue Magic Edition

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Current price £119.99
  • PlayStation 5 DualSense Custom Controller - Blue Magic Edition

    Feel the magic in the air with the Blue Magic Edition PS5 Custom Controller. 

    You can't go wrong with black and blue. With our Blue Magic Edition Custom PlayStation 5 Controllers, you will get a super simple but incredibly bold design that just looks and feels magnificent. Your experience on the PlayStation 5 will be magical with this custom PS5 controller, as rather than your regular white PS5 controller, you can now get the complete package with this black and blue PS5 controller. Your gameplay will never be the same thanks to our wide series of wonderful designs.

    And we want to make sure that your experience overall is complete. And what we mean by that is that we want you to be able to play without any issues getting in your way. And to make sure you get the very best controller, we only use genuine brand-new PS5 controllers in the creation of our custom PlayStation controllers. Not only does this ensure that you get a super high level of quality, but it also means that you will get every single feature that you expect from any official PS5 controller. And those features include the following:

    • Haptic feedback
    • Adaptive triggers
    • Built-in microphone and headset jack
    • Signature comfort
    • Integrated speaker
    • Motion sensors

    These features will offer some extremely great entertainment and functionality within your favourite games. And it is with features like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers that you will see why this controller is so great for the next generation of gaming. Haptic feedback will adjust the intensity of the vibration whenever you may fire a different weapon, explore a new environment, engage in a brutal boss fight and so much more to make every moment feel truly unique. And adaptive triggers will alter the trigger resistance whenever you use or fire a different weapon or piece of gear. This makes it feel like you are actually using unique weaponry and makes firing patterns feel more realistic.

    Not feeling the black and blue? We have a number of alternate options with the colours you may enjoy. Like our Orange Crush edition, which has an orange and black design, or our Red Attack edition that is made up of red and black, the Carbon Edition consists of a simple white and carbon fibre design and our Blue Streak edition that adds a bit of white alongside blue and black. Of course, we have a number of other options like our completely blacked out Dark Knight edition or our Defenders edition that adds purple to the black. And we have so many more available right now! 

    Don’t look for the perfect controller, create it! We have expanded our create your own controller builders with a series of new options. You can now make your own PS5 controller or Xbox Series X controller and so much more, But what matters the most is the customisation. We have a wide variety of designs and part colours that you can use to make your ultimate controller. You can find multiple designs that we have available with our pre-made controllers and several that are exclusive to create your own, so keep your eyes out. But what matters the most is personalisation. We now have options like name engravement or modification so that you can get the perfect all-around controller.

  • Build and Shipping

    Here at Custom Controllers, we offer the quickest build and delivery for all of our controllers.

    Whether you are buying a pre-designed Custom Controller or Creating Your Own, we can guarantee that 99% of the time you will receive your controller within 5 days.

    If you place your order with us before 1 PM (UK), your controller will be produced that same day. Once complete and passed Quality Control, we will then dispatch the next day. Meaning that your desired controller gets to you as soon as possible.

    We offer the fastest delivery compared to all of our competitors, Delivering your dream controller to you quickly and safely.

    We offer FREE delivery as standard, if you are in a hurry we do offer a premium service at an extra cost. For more information please click here

  • Compatibility

    This PS5 Custom Controller will be FULLY compatible with the new PlayStation 5 Console.

    Compatible with PS5.

  • Quality Checks

    Custom Controllers UK 20 point check test on all custom controllers assure you that you will receive the absolute best quality.


    All of our Custom Controllers arrive with a full 12 Months Warranty for no extra charge.


    All of our products come with a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee, this means for whatever reason if you are unhappy with your purchase or you want to return your item for a full refund then you have 14 days to do so.

    For more information on our returns and warranty please click here