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12 Months Warranty / Fast and Free Delivery / Hassle Free Returns / Look the Best, Play with the Best!

Nitro Concepts E250 Gaming Chair Black and Red/Blue/White

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£219.99 - £219.99
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Color: Black/Red

Nitro Concepts E250 Gaming Chair Black and Red/Blue/White

  • Cover made of breathable fabric with intensive colouring
  • Comfortable & breathable cold foam padding
  • Long durability due to high material thickness
  • Ergonomically individually adjustable
  • Adjustable 2D armrests

Nitro Concepts E250 Gaming Chair

The Nitro Concepts E250 gaming chair combines advancement with unique shape and sporty design. It offers unparalleled comfort for long periods of use. The breathable microfibre fabric material, optimised cold foam padding and the numerous adjustment options are the basis for outstanding ergonomic seating. The top workmanship with great attention to detail, and careful selection of materials combined with excellent value for money make the E250 the first choice.

The Nitro Concepts E250 gaming chair at a glance:

Cover made of breathable fabric with intense colouring. Comfortable and breathable cold foam padding. Long durability thanks to high material thickness. Ergonomically individually adjustable. Adjustable 2D armrests. Adjustable rocker mechanism and backrest. Quiet 50 mm wheels for many surfaces. Two comfortable cushions included. Suitable for users up to 125 kg. Qualified as an office work chair according to DIN EN 1335.

Intense design

The Nitro Concepts E250 gaming chair sets new trends with its unparalleled comfort. Combined with high-quality materials, gamers can not only live out their dream of colour, but also expect a variety of adjustability and best ergonomics.

The chair is covered with a breathable fabric cover that is particularly soft and comfortable. In combination with the open-pored cold foam padding, the E250 gaming chair offers a comfortable seating experience even on warm days. But even on all other days, the deformation-resistant cold foam ensures a high level of comfort after long use.

High-quality materials.

So that the stunning design of the E250 series can be enjoyed for a long time, the first-class padding serves as a base of an extremely stable steel frame. The high quality materials of the comfortable gaming chair ensure that no one has to deal with squeaking, ratcheting or quick wear. The combination of excellent German engineering with high-precision machine manufacturing ensures flawless and extremely durable constructions.

The Nitro Concepts E250 gaming chairs set impressive accents not only with the colour splendour of the fabric cover. The embroidered flame of the Nitro Concepts logo in the head area gives the E250 series that extra extra to make it unique.

High comfort.

The gaming chairs are designed open and offer a high contact surface that makes up the majority of ergonomics. This applies to the seat as well as the backrest. With a 56 cm wide backrest and a 55 cm wide seat, the E250 gaming chair is particularly comfortable.

The open-pored, deformation-resistant cold foam serves as padding and can bounce with a high density specially optimised to meet the demands of long durability. This makes it not only breathable, but also ensures long dimensional stability.

Luxury adjustment options

Anyone who sat on the Nitro Concepts E250 gaming chair will never want to leave it again. This is ensured by the fresh, colour-intensive design as well as the numerous ergonomic adjustment options.

The chair can be adjusted by 10 cm from 43 to 53 cm in height with the durable Class 4 compressed air lifter. The integrated rocker function allows a rocker of up to 14 degrees. In addition, the E250 series offers an adjustable backrest and flexible 2D armrests. With such extensive adjustment options, an ergonomic sitting posture is guaranteed. This is also confirmed by the DIN EN 1335 certification as an office work chair.

The perfect position.

The 2D adjustable armrests are designed for the sporty lifestyle approach of gaming chairs due to their flexibility. With a depth of 25 cm and a width of 9 cm, they offer enough space for resting arms.

If you want to sit back while gaming, you can not only use the rocker mechanism, but also adjust the backrest. With an angle of 90 to 135 degrees, you can sit back relaxed and use the gaming chair for a short nap during a charging screen. Nitro Concepts also provides two comfortable and ergonomically supportive cushions for the neck and lumbar area.

Suitable for hard and soft floors.

A durable nylon base serves the E250 series as a base. The 50mm wheels are made from a hard nylon core and a softer polyurethane coating. This means that they are not only quiet running, but also suitable for hard and soft floors. The gaming chair is well equipped with the sturdy base and the gas lift of safety level 4 for a maximum load of up to 125 kg.

Dimensions: Total height (with base): approx. 124 - 133 cm. Seat height (with base): approx. 43 - 53 cm, backrest height: approx. 84 cm, backrest width (shoulder height): approx. 51.5 cm, backrest width (basin height): approx. 56 cm, width of outer seat (widest point): approx. 55 cm, depth of the inner seat surface: approx. 47 cm, total depth (without base): approx. 56 cm, width of armrests: approx. 9 cm, depth of armrests: approx. 25 cm.
Weight: Approx. 20 kg.
Tilt angle rocker mechanism. Max. 14°.
Backrest tilt angle 90° to 135°.
Material: Steel (frame), cold foam (padding), fabric (contact surface + cover & cushion), nylon & ABS (base cross), nylon / polyurethane (wheels), polyurethane / nylon / steel (armrests).
Colour: Black/white.
Maximum load: 125 kg.