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Custom Controllers Xbox One Repair Service - Multiple Faults (Diag Fee)

Original price £9.99 - Original price £9.99
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£9.99 - £9.99
Current price £9.99

Is your Xbox One controller suffering from an issue that you just can’t put your finger on? Any situation where your Xbox One controller breaks are annoying enough, but when you can’t figure out what is wrong is when it gets a bit infuriating.

But now we can help you with this issue. With this Xbox One controller service, we will identify everything that is wrong with your controller. We will reveal if your controller is having some minor or major issues, like Xbox one controller stick drift or a hidden issue that you can’t see.

Please note that this is NOT the repair service. This service will identify the issue that your controller is suffering from and then we will give you the option of controller repair. Because of this, it is important to know that the £9.99 fee is a diagnostic charge, and will be refunded if you carry out the repair.

Upon purchasing this service, you will be sent a shipping label from us that can be used to send your controller right to us. Once your controller has been sent to us, our controller experts will take a look at the controller and find the issue that is causing you grief. We will then offer you the repair service necessary to get your controller repaired for an additional fee (the £9.99 diagnostic charge you paid will be refunded), or we can return your controller to you without the repair.

Or do you already know the issue that your controller is having? If so, we have a number of Xbox One controller repair services for a range of problems. If you are looking for an Xbox One controller stick drift fix or replacement buttons for Xbox One controllers, we can solve your issues. 

PLEASE NOTE: This repair is valid only for the Microsoft Xbox One S Controller