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Where you can get yourself a PS5-Custom Controllers UK

Where you can get yourself a PS5

We all know that getting your hands on a PS5 is quite challenging. As it is a very popular device, in very low stock, managing to buy a PS5 is a difficult task. But they are starting to become more and more available over time, meaning more people can get their own PS5 for next-generation gameplay. We are going to quickly cover some of the best places where you can get a PS5, and upcoming drops.

PS5 Shortage:

Although they are steadily becoming more available, Sony have claimed that PS5 shortages will remain until 2022. Simply due to an extremely high demand and struggling to match that demand.

Mainly due to a shortage of the parts required to produce PS5 combined with the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems that these shortages and difficulties to obtain a PS5 will continue for the time being.

Common Websites:

There are numerous popular websites that regularly have more PS5s available. Though with these sites you will have to keep your eye out and be quick, as more people will be aware of these sites. Sites including Amazon, Game, Smyths, Currys, Argos, Very and ShopTo are some of the main retailers who will offer PS5s for their usual selling price and bundles containing the popular console.

Stock Checkers:

Naming some of the sites that regularly offer PS5s is good, but not enough in terms of actually getting a PS5. You need to be aware of when different websites and retailers have PS5s available and how many. And for this I recommend regularly visiting and following stock checker websites and social media accounts.

PS5 UK Stock Alter, PS5 Stock+ Alert App, UK PS5 XBOX SERIES X/S & GPU STOCK ALERTS, Express Gaming and Stock Informer are some examples of accounts and websites that give updates to PS5 stock and other stock whenever they become available.

Upcoming Stock:

According to rumours and recent statements, it appears that within two weeks of this blog going live, John Lewis will have a large PS5 drop. With around 1260 units set to be available very soon. So, it is worth keeping an eye on the website and signing up to quickly get that PS5. It would also be worth keeping up to date with different stock checkers, so that you will be aware instantly when this drop goes live.

But you should also expect a number of drops from Amazon, Very and other popular retailers in the coming days and weeks.

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