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CCUK’S Top 5 Games of 2020-Custom Controllers UK

CCUK’S Top 5 Games of 2020

Following a long and difficult year, with so many people being stuck inside, we have decided to create a spoiler-free review on the best games released in 2020.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla:

The newest entry into the Assassin’s Creed series throws the player into brutal Viking era. Feel the harsh combat and extreme terrain from the perspective of Eivor, a Viking warrior who gets caught in the ancient conflict between the Assassins and the Templars. Experience Viking raids and the invasion of Britain with great quality in the newest entry of Assassin’s Creed.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has a phenomenal and breath-taking atmosphere and experience. Allowing you to explore the icy and mountainous region of Viking Norway and the lush and widely explorable England. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla boasts a beautiful and remarkable set of visuals and sounds on both new generation consoles and old generation, so that no matter what console you are playing on, you will have a great experience.

Combat within Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is brutal, but offers a brilliant experience. Offering a huge range of diverse weaponry, from huge 2-handed axes to predator bows, you can obtain high quality gear through exploration, combat and a heap of enjoyable story missions. You can also enhance your combat experience through the deep skill trees that are available to upgrade. As you upgrade and build up your skill tree, you become more and more powerful. Allowing you to face stronger opponents and defeat normal opponents with ease.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla offers a great narrative along with a number of different activities and areas to experience. From taking part in Viking raids with your clan to exploring hidden ruins and enemy camps, there is so much available to do. The story introduces a great variety of unique and interesting characters, while also offering exciting story missions that you can play your own way.


Ghostrunner is an outstanding game that provides constant and extremely enjoyable entertainment. Made by One More Level, everything about this game is extremely fun. You play as a “Ghostrunner” who has been reactivated by a group of rebels, and your goal is to defeat the “Keymaster” also known as Mara.

Ghostrunner is a fun, yet challenging game. There are so many different ways to approach the combat and levels of this game. With many different paths and abilities, like slowing time, available to be used to fight against your enemies. The combat is simply amazing, there is so much praise to be said about the combat. From unlimited amounts of different strategies to smooth and amazing fighting with your sword. Not only that, but the enemies offer a truly challenging yet enjoyable experience where you have to try many different strategies to beat them. It is phenomenal.

Upon that, the gameplay of Ghostrunner is extremely fast and fluent. From being able to easily run along walls and slide underneath obstacles, it is all super-fast paced and fun. Exploring and traversing the levels within Ghostrunner is an absolute joy, with the extra abilities like slowing time and dodging bullets elevating the level of entertainment provided. Not only that but the combination of fast movement and smooth combat makes levels and boss fights even better. On that matter, the boss fights in this game are amazing. Holding a great number of enjoyable mechanics that require perfection to be overcome and great designs that make the experience so much more unique.

The final main point worth mentioning is the narrative. The narrative to Ghostrunner is strong. It is not the richest of plots and isn’t very complicated, but it suits Ghostrunner very well. The story is entertaining and does not have many issues, which is great.

Call of Duty Cold War:

Jumping into our next top tier game of 2020, is the 17th instalment of the Call of Duty franchise: Call of Duty Cold War. Call of Duty Cold War, made by Treyarch, takes place between the events of Call of Duty Black Ops and Black Ops. Offering a unique story with an interesting plot, along with a very high-quality multiplayer and an updated and extremely popular zombies game mode.

The Call of Duty Cold War campaign is an unexpectedly great story mode that takes the player into the Cold War, introducing brand new characters and keeping a number of classic Call of Duty characters. Experience a rich narrative through multiple exciting and unique story missions and side missions (that have never been included in a Call of Duty game before) that will give you a ton of entertainment. Allowing you to test and enjoy a great range of weaponry and exceptional gunplay, that is expected from a Call of Duty game. Although the campaign is not the main feature of Call of Duty Cold War (similar to most Call of Duty games), it does provide a great amount of entertainment that most players will enjoy. Providing a great mix of stealth missions and high action, entertaining missions, where your actions determine the events of the campaign.

The main feature and most popular part of Call of Duty Cold War is the multiplayer. Cold War’s multiplayer allows the player to experience numerous different and enjoyable game modes, providing a mix of classic and new game modes. Classic game modes include team deathmatch, search and destroy, hardpoint and more, all of which are improved upon from previous games and made to the highest level. Then there is a number of brand-new game modes, including: VIP escort and fireteam: dirty bomb. These new game modes offer a unique experience for players and a lot of fun to have with friends, or even by yourself. The multiplayer is made very well, which is expected from a game series of this calibre, and provides a lot of entertainment when playing alone or with a team. Being able to customise your own weapons and choose your own abilities and kill streaks are phenomenal features that elevate your experience to the next level. The gunplay is extremely fun and great to play casually or competitively, with a great variety of guns and attachments which you can change to your preference.

The zombies game mode in Cold War is so much fun, and there is no other way to put it. Whether you are playing by yourself, or with friends or family, the gameplay provided is extremely entertaining. Allowing you to fight against countless waves of zombies with a great variety of powerful and unique weapons that can be upgraded to the highest level with Pack-A-Punch, that are all super fun. Not only that, but the abilities and perks (Perk-A-Cola) you can obtain are so greatly unique and enjoyable that it improves the game mode so much.

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Ghost of Tsushima:

Ghost of Tsushima is a phenomenal and absolutely stunning game that gives a great feeling of becoming a samurai. Creating a phenomenal story that really makes you feel like you are back in 1274 Japan. Playing as the protagonist Jin Sakai, you are tasked with ending the Mongolian invasion of Tsushima Island. 

Firstly, the game looks absolutely incredible and gorgeous. The open world of Ghost of Tsushima is a wonderful and extravagant experience with lots of different buildings and areas that represents Tsushima Island extremely well. It is very clear that Sucker Punch Productions were greatly inspired by the history and beauty of Tsushima, and incorporated that inspiration extremely well into Ghost of Tsushima, while also paying respect to the culture of the people. Not only that but the sound and music are absolutely extraordinary, really boosting the beauty and feel of the game.

The combat is extremely enjoyable and has its own identity, especially when compared to other games. Using a unique set of stances that have different strengths and abilities that are effective against different types of enemies and weaponry. Along with a number of different techniques and moves that can be changed so that you can play however you want. You even have the choice of taking on your enemies head on, or taking them out silently with a number of different stealth options. The difficulty of this game is also a big plus. Whether you want to enjoy the story and combat with comfort and ease or have a real challenge and make the game feel even more realistic.

The story in Ghost of Tsushima is simply brilliant, with both main missions and side missions containing some great writing and memorable moments. Throughout the missions you complete you can really feel the characters develop and start to connect with them, as well as learning different stories and history about the story and Tsushima. There are so many different moments and story points that will blow you away.

Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal is a real gory experience with some great difficulty. Improving on every feature of its predecessor Doom (2016). This game is a real challenge and is extremely fast paced and extraordinary. Playing as the Doom Slayer, your aim is to destroy a demonic invasion on Earth, and it is a truly extraordinary, and bloody, experience.

The movement, mechanics, weapons and abilities of Doom eternal are absolutely brilliant, with a massive improvement upon the highly rated Doom (2016). With a huge collection of different weapons, weapon upgrades and abilities, there are so many different ways in which you can take on the hordes of Hell. These weapons and abilities are so incredibly smooth and fluent, being able to quickly and easily switch between different abilities and weapons in combat. The ability to smoothly transition between weapons and abilities is so useful, especially when facing different types of enemies. Doom Eternal never gets old with the slaying and destruction of hordes of Hell being absolutely entertaining.

The new game modes and arenas available in Doom Eternal are devastating. From brand new “Slayer Gates” to the multiplayer mode called “Battlemode” there is so much to do and enjoy. Like the main campaign these modes and activities are all brutally challenging. Facing hordes upon hordes of demons within “Slayer Gates” and facing other people as demons or as a slayer in Battlemode. The rewards upon completing these gut-wrenching activities are phenomenal, including a unique and powerful weapon that can be used to destroy your enemies. Upon that, the levels and areas within Doom Eternal and its respected activities are simply amazing, the designs are so well made that they are perfectly made for the brutal and fast combat which you experience.

The narrative of Doom Eternal is extremely fun and entertaining. The story provides a great experience of brutal and fun combat, while also telling an entertaining story that most people will enjoy. Not only that but the visuals and music are top-tier. Boasting some extremely powerful and brilliant music that fits the game perfectly, and some extremely well detailed and high-quality visuals that will blow your mind. Doom Eternal also gives you the opportunity to explore the highly developed areas to find different secrets, like old books containing stories and information or fun little dolls which are used as decorations at your home base.      

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